by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga; written by Azhavur De Prà

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Raise your hand who has always made money a serious problem, while if they had made it light and easy it would have worked better.

“Money does not bring happiness”. This ancient proverb was confirmed by none other than an economist in the 1970s. And to affirm that it is true, just look around a bit: there are many rich people who absolutely do not know how to enjoy the money they have, live in fear of losing it and work hard all their lives to make more and more.

So why want more than what we - laboriously - earn?

Because, if money doesn't automatically bring happiness, it is also true that it helps to live much better. It depends on us. Happiness itself depends on us, on our points of view.

The problem is how we approach money, not money itself.

This is why one of the most famous Access Consciousness™ books is entitled “Money is not a problem, you are the problem!”

Each of us, whether rich or poor, has a different way of receiving and relating to money – which also includes not receiving.

Most of us were born and raised "knowing" that there isn't enough money in the world for everyone. It is what society has taught us and made us believe.

If that were true, then how could there be so many rich and wealthy people?

It is evident that there is a difference between those who live in a reality in which there is never enough money and find it very difficult to earn it and those who instead have a lot of ease with money.

“Why them and not me?” is the question we often ask when faced with a reality that does not belong to us but to which (perhaps secretly) we would like to belong.

The point is that the answer one arrives at is always a conclusion, the judgment that those people are either very lucky or very dishonest.

Many limitations and obstacles with money (and not just money) come from not being willing to question yourself.

However limited and malfunctioning one's thesis of adverse fate and one's reality of condemnation to a life of hardship are, one does everything to validate them.

And to do this we often discredit others, because in our reality having money is wrong.

What if we had ease in recognizing who made it and draw inspiration from them?

The advice I can give from direct experience is that, if my way of working with something doesn't satisfy me, then I shift the focus from the reality that I have created up to that moment, to the reality of people who have what I too want to have. .

Ultimately, the most important question to ask yourself is:

What works best for me?

Not having money and judging who has it, or having money and doing what I want with it?

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Troppi Soldi!

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