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Create with Bianca is a monthly membership that allows you to always have me just a question away!

You will have a variety of benefits such as: Priority Response, an exclusive class per month for group members only, a 20% discount on my creations and much more!

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Verbal Facilitation

It's a consultation together in which thanks to the Access Consciousness ™ tools, questions and facilitation you will gain clarity on the dynamics in which you need it most and we will also be able to change them together easily.

In my personal experience there is nothing that cannot be changed. If it is difficult or seemingly impossible it is because we have become unaware of what created the dynamic in the first place.

In the facilitation session we address just that as applied to any area of your life including your body, relationships, work, business and even just your approach to it all.

Access Bars™ session

Access Bars™ is a great tool to relax you, your body and your life allowing you to be more receptive, proactive, creative and more aware in every area of your life and create those changes you didn't even think you could make, with one snap of fingers.

At worst it's like you're getting a great massage. At best your whole life can change.

A session lasts an average of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. You will choose the duration of the treatment according to your need and you will always choose what to change or let go.

Access Facelift™ session

This energy treatment has the ability to dispel your judgments, considerations, views on aging from within, as well as being a pampering for your body.

As a result, your skin will be more relaxed, youthful and radiant. It's like turning back the hands of time.
What would your body look like if it no longer had landmarks on how to age?
The treatment is performed on the face, neck and décolleté, but has effects on the whole body.
Effects such as cellulite reduction, muscle firming and more tissue toning have also been repeatedly found.

After 20 sessions the results appear permanent.

Facilitation with Entities

It is a joint consultancy in which, thanks to the tools Talking with the Entities™, questions and facilitation, you will be empowered to interact consciously and communicate with the Entities.

Whether it's presences at home, deceased loved ones, unsold properties, or anomalous perceptions, these types of sessions allow you to become aware of what you are dealing with and manage it easily and effectively.
If you'd like to develop this skill of yours or choose to go proactive on a specific entity-related situation, this is the session for you.

Symphony of Possibilities™

Being able to be done both live and online, this session is a space for you to go beyond the mind and get to the heart of any situation, limit or dynamic with ease.
This treatment is like a symphony between the practitioner and the recipient. It's like surfing in the meanderings of oneself, transforming directly at the origin, without an upstream mental process, what you require and above all what is required for that particular thing to change.
In the absence of the mind, the process is much faster and easier.
Beyond resolving dynamics, the treatment is also suggested to create space, ease, greater perceptions of possibility, and clarity about what it is you want to create in your life.

Access Bodywork™

Access Consciousness™ Bodywork sessions are a great way to change, transform and improve different physical and energetic aspects of the body.

Each session a different bodywork will be chosen, based on the needs of your body and based on what you want to achieve. Some of these treatments are also closely connected to areas of life where, by treating the body, they change accordingly. In fact, your body is closely connected to everything and to everyone you interact with.

As a result you will function differently with your body. You will have more awareness of your body and what it needs and things you didn't even think were the cause of dis-ease or disturbance, will dissipate leaving room for more ease and change.

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