Access Bodywork™ session

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Where: Bologna or off-site upon request

Duration: Variable according to your choice

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Access Consciousness™ Bodywork sessions are a great way to change, transform and improve different physical and energetic aspects of the body.

Each session a different bodywork will be chosen, based on the needs of your body and based on what you want to achieve. Some of these treatments are also closely connected to areas of life where, by treating the body, they change accordingly. In fact, your body is closely connected to everything and to everyone you interact with.

You will function differently with your body as a result. You will have more awareness of your body and what it needs, and things that you didn't even think were the cause of the discomfort or disorder will dissipate, leaving room for more ease and change.
Come and discover the gift that Bodywork is in sessions ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. Available in single appointments or packages.

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