Mountain of Money 🏔️💰

120,00 300,00  VAT included

Language: Italian

Where: Online on Zoom

When: On 8, 11 and 18 July from 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Prerequisites: None

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Do you really think that constantly receiving a MOUNTAIN OF MONEY is impossible? Do you think that to achieve this you would have to have a better job or work more or harder? Do you think that in this reality it is difficult to create money as if by magic and in abundance?

What would it be like if I told you that all this is fake? ❌

What would it be like if an easier, more joyful and glorious reality with money was available to you right now?

What it would be like if it were just your choice?


Train the 3 fundamental muscles so that money is a constant and growing presence in your life!

3 calls during which we will delve deeper:

Spending a mountain of money – 8 July
Having a mountain of money – July 11th
Receiving a mountain of money – July 18th

Calls can be purchased together at a special price or individually

Each of them will last 1 hour and 30 minutes!

No prerequisites!



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