Access Bars™ class at Villa Magica

50,00 380,00  VAT included

Language: Italian

Where and when: Magical Villa (Reggello), on August 10th from 10.00 to 18.00

Prerequisites: None

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This is a 1 day class where you will learn the Access Bars™ treatment and where you will be an active part of the class by receiving two sessions and giving two sessions, under my guidance and presence.

During this class, you will learn the 32 specific points of the Bars and you will already discover the benefits of this wonderful treatment during the class.
By learning and receiving the Access Bars™ technique you can offer yourself, your clients, family and co-workers the loving care, kindness and nurturing you require with complete ease.

We will organize lunch in the morning of the class. If you want to stay overnight contact us in order to receive assistance for the best B&Bs and hotels!

You can reserve your place with a deposit and pay the rest on the day of the class by bank transfer, POS or cash!



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