The time for chocolates, flowers and hearts has finally arrived. A day as loved as it was hated. A bit like relationships, right?

It is no coincidence that it is Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day! 

And if February 14th is the day par excellence to celebrate love, what would it be like to celebrate it every day, towards ourselves and that of others?

This article, as already seen from the name, will give you a hand with relationships not only on Valentine's Day, but all year round!

How did you get so lucky?

Over time, facilitating hundreds of people with the Access Consciousness™ tools, I have come to recognize of the essential keys that make relationships go swimmingly. 

If you want to build a relationship or make your relationship with your partner work better, I invite you to continue reading.

Let me start by saying that this is not an article for the weak Heart.

Otherwise what Valentine's Day item would it be!?

So what are the essential keys to a great relationship?

  1. Be clear with what you want: It's always a good idea to ask yourself questions to find out what you really want from the relationship. If you don't have clarity about what concerns you, how can your partner have it?
  2. Never take anything for granted: from the moment you start a relationship you take everything or almost everything for granted... as if relationships were boxes with fixed walls/rules (that you think the other person also knows, while this is not the case at all) and that willingly and no matter what, you have to make yourself go well. In reality, there is nothing to be taken for granted in a relationship. Every relationship is very different from the others. Everything must be seen together and chosen together.
  3. Never give up on yourself for the relationship: one of the most common mistakes people make as soon as they start a relationship is to put the relationship first, even to their own detriment, to the point of almost disappearing as an individual. This makes partners entirely dependent on each other and the relationship easily becomes morbid and decays over time. 
  4. Don't take your frustrations out on others: even if we don't realize it, many things that bother us most in our partner bother us because we see ourselves in those attitudes. It is, therefore, an excellent practice to ask yourself: “Where am I or have I even been this and I'm not recognizing?”
  5. Being grateful to yourself and your partner: Gratitude is the panacea par excellence for the proper functioning of a relationship. Seeing yourself and your partner for who you are and being grateful for it dispels the judgments and distance that may have been created by the vicissitudes of every day. If you don't know where to start ask yourself: “What can I be grateful for today? How grateful can I be for myself and my partner today?”
  6. Choose yourself every day: Personally, giving myself the ability to choose my partner every day, over and over again, allows our relationship to be alive and vibrant. If you are together out of obligation, routine or who knows what reason, over time the relationship inevitably begins to fall apart.
  7. Have projects to do together: If there was one key in the top spot, it would be this one. Creating and realizing something together with your partner is what unites us most.
  8. To communicate: Always taking time to communicate and express your doubts, questions or perplexities to your partner will ensure that there is clarity and that there are no small or large misunderstandings in the couple. Talking about even the most obvious or uncomfortable things can totally make the relationship solid and happy.
  9. Support yourself in growing on an individual level;
  10. Choosing a partner who helps make your life 1000000 grander than you ever could alone: if a relationship takes energy away from you rather than giving it to you, what's the point? What would it be like if every type of relationship, not just romantic ones, helped make your life greater rather than worse?

Well, now that I've reached the 10th key, I have to tell you a secret! There are others, even very important ones, can you guess which ones? Write your guesses in the comments! I can't wait to read them! They will be the starting point for a new article on relationships!

In the end, Happy Saint Valentine's to you who read, whether you have a partner or not! 

May this be the beginning of loving and honoring yourself so that you in turn can teach it to others.

What would our life be like if we were grateful and loved ourselves for who we are? 

What world would we create? 

It's up to us to find out!

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