Bianca Luana Chirnoaga

Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness™

My Story

I have always been accompanied by a sense of not belonging, of not being able to adapt no matter how hard I tried. This sense soon led me to introspection, personal growth, trying to understand how and why, but above all to discover how to change this.

It is there that after years of research..

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Fabrizio GoglioFabrizio Goglio
18:00 01 Aug 23
In the course "Being the question that creates", held by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga, she, with lightness and elegance, leads you into unlimited spaces of consciousness, on the wings of uncanny, empowering and generative questions
alessia antoniettialessia antonietti
11:55 01 Aug 23
antonella dettoantonella said
22:09 30 Jul 23
You are always a valuable contribution. Thank you Bianca
Laura Blaura b
12:56 PM 28 Jul 23
In everyday life, I became aware that if I remain in thought, waiting for conclusions, listening to judgments, then everything freezes in the mind ... starting to ask questions, ideas, doors of opportunities open up and everything is easily created and realized . It takes a little training, but with patience and magic everything comes and everything around me is light and full of me, of joy. I recommend it... as they say "trying doesn't hurt. How can it be better than this? Hellooooo and lots of joy to all
Celina TemeaCelina Temea
19:56 27 Jun 23
I just finished the "Ask and it will be given" journey with Bianca together with the group. A marvel, a continuous exploration, a bomb of tools to create and "surcreate" one's life. And what to say when you ask ... things they start to show! ! Thank you Bianca for your cheerfulness, lightness and joy with which you have facilitated us. How can it be even better than this?
Lucia BodoccoLucia Bodocco
07:03 26 Jun 23
This journey with Bianca "Ask and it shall be given" was of great contribution to learning how to create with questions. After 21 days I feel like I've learned to "lead", the synergy of the group worked a bit like family constellations, every question asked in the group always touched on a common theme. I always wonder: why don't they teach us this in school! Thanks again Bianca for your Creative Brilliance you are truly a great asset.
Brenda An MontinBrenda An Montin
16:39 18 Jan 23
Bianca's Talking with Entities class was AWESOME!! 🤩👻She started working on me as soon as I chose her, showing me in a totally unexpected way that I do in fact have an ability with entities that I had never recognized and it was time I brought it out into the light instead of hiding it. 💫👻I started to perceive ghosts very clearly and I was so scared. 👻😱 class with Bianca took me out of that space of fear and empowered me even more to recognize my knowledge and trust what I perceive. 🥰👻I really wonder what else will be possible for me and my life when I'm willing to use these crazy tools just everyday...?! 🤩👻Plus I've started using the processes and other tools I received in class that are allowing me to get out of my logical mind and to open myself to communicate, cooperate, receive and facilitate entities - even so many at once without having to go through all day having to clean them up one by one. 🤩👻 I'm receiving parts of me that I never allowed myself to receive, I'm recognizing more and more who I am and starting to show the gift that I am to the world and it's crazy how this is really opening the door for me to receive ❤ even more money...💸😏👻Then what can I say, Bianca is MAGICAL and WONDERFUL. 💖👻I also did the one-month "Ask and You Will Receive" course with her and the "Relationship Marathon" and I have no words to express how much these courses have completely transformed my way of asking the Universe and living my life . 💃👻Thank you so much Bianca for the gift you are, since I chose to let you make it easier for me through all these adventures together, I've speeded up everything in my life and now more than ever I know I'm ready to fly. I adore you!! 😍👻What other great and glorious adventures can we still have and receive together? 🤩🤩💃💃🥰🥰💖
Ilaria GiovanettiIlaria Giovanetti
17:33 16 Jan 23
Each class of Bianca brings a collapse to limitations and, consequently, an explosion of possibilities to create and receive bigger that immediately show up in my world! And the best thing is that all this happens through play, fun and ease! Immensely grateful for all this contribution!
Francesca RossiFrances Rossi
11:41 16 Dec 22
Bianca, a magical woman with whom I experienced the power of QUESTIONS through which she, with her sweet energy, professionalism and kindness, was able to give me a pragmatic and very powerful tool that is contributing greatly to my realization. Thank you precious Bianca!
Fabio CensiFabio Cense
10:02 PM 15 Dec 22
Bianca has an extraordinary energy, she welcomes me and allows me to be who I am, in every moment. He supports and facilitates me, with great generosity of spirit. In the path "Ask and it will be given to you" I discovered how questions can truly create the space to make new choices, get out of comfort and continue to grow. I am very grateful to Bianca for all the contribution I have received and am receiving in the paths I have chosen and choose to take with her. Thanks to the trust he has inspired in me, the authenticity of the way he communicates and the energy he puts into his work, I am exploring Access Consciousness, drawing great benefit from it every day. A world of new possibilities, which I wasn't able to consider before, have now become available!
Francesca MirabelliFrances Mirabelli
21:29 15 Dec 22
A wonderful journey in "Ask and it shall be given" has just ended for me. A path that at first seemed only uphill...but my disorientation didn't last long. Day after day, thanks to Bianca, the tool of the question became a flying carpet and I landed in presence, awareness and lightness. What is still possible? All. Anything is possible when you ask and you know how to do it. Immense gratitude for Bianca, always available, ready for advice, help, facilitation. A path that I highly recommend to those who have not yet chosen it.
Sabrina PetrilloSabrina Petrillo
21:21 15 Dec 22
I am very happy to have done the 21 days journey with Bianca, it has been a great contribution for me. Questions expand our being and knowing so much more that it creates space for something greater. I highly recommend it. 🙏🏻Thank you so much
Selezioni NuoroSelect Nuoro
15:39 15 Nov 22
Bianca is magic and consequently she gives you the tools to access it, she helps you make things magically happen, uninstall non-functional programs, she helps you ask and miraculously when you ask and you are willing to receive, things happen…every path done it was enlightening!!! A professional that I wish people to meet on their journey!✨✨✨✨
Azhavur De PràAzhavur De Pra
09:10 06 Sep 22
Participating in the introduction to the TTTE class with Bianca was the natural consequence of a journey that began with the Book Club, it was like a calling that I chose to receive. And it's just the beginning 😅 Bianca's enthusiasm, her truthfulness was the input to finally choosing to access again the possibility of communicating with those who have been trying to do it for years but who, above all out of fear, have most often rejected. Well, I believe that the Access tools in TTTE have the advantage of making you understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, even in the world of entities, but that it's all a matter of choice! And it's beautiful and liberating!
Miss SorryMiss Sorry
14:55 02 Sep 22
Bianca was the key to a world of discoveries. With his sweetness and professionalism he accompanied me on an easy and joyful journey. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Elena CalviElena Calvi
12:47 02 Sep 22
I followed my second Foundation with Bianca and what can I say? Wow! A magical, surprising, explosive class like its facilitator 😉😉😉 Bianca puts you at ease and with her sweet and polite irony she is able to instantly dismantle 'trauma & drama' situations 😅Very good!🪄
Magda AramaMagda Arama
23:37 06 Jun 22
For those who want more out of life, I wholeheartedly suggest Bianca. Personally, I have received so much from the experiences and journeys made with her. Thank you very much Bianca! 🙂 Excited to discover even more + + + +
Angelo De CaroAngelo DeCaro
12:08 29 Jun 21
Bianca is a fantastic and outstanding professional. With her I was able to substantially improve many areas of my life. Thanks Bianca!

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