l'inzio della mia storia

by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga

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All stories start with a beginning. And mine is no exception.

I was born in '94 in Romania surrounded by so much love.
I am an only child and as a child I spent most of my time with my parents, my grandmother and my cousin.
This was until I was 5 years old when my father left for Italy for economic reasons with the intention of staying for 1 year and returning... the times got longer and after a year my mother also left to speed up everything.

But, from the fact that you now read my article in Italian, I think it's clear how much that plan of theirs went up in smoke... In fact, ever since I first went to Italy on holiday in 2002 at the age of 7 , it was clear to me that I would come to live here. For ME it was clear, not for my family who continued to have the intention of returning to Romania.

This is not an unusual story for my generation in Romania. Many families have separated for economic reasons and unfortunately many have never found each other again. I was immensely lucky and I am so grateful to the fact that even though those years were difficult, I had my maternal grandmother at my side who acted as both my mother and my father. She taught me elegance, beauty, ambition, loving care and knowing that anything was possible. All this, in addition to my parents' distance, made me irremediably more mature than my peers.

Basically, it took another 5 years of comings and goings and distance from my parents for us to choose what to do, that is, to move permanently to Italy or return to Romania. It was a difficult choice to make...and it was right there that I began to realize the power of questions, when there is no clarity or when situations are uncomfortable.

I asked my father a question and it was his choice that brought me to Rome in 2007.
Once I arrived I was happy, ecstatic and on clouds. For me it was a dream to live here and finally have my family almost completely united.

If I have to be honest, in the 15 years since my arrival it's as if I've lived at least 3 different lives:

The life of the mangy chick at the beginning of his adventure without even knowing the Italian language who soon went to be at the top of his class, also receiving prizes from his first 2 years in Italy for being super ambitious on an academic level;

The life of the girl who went from being super eager to excel at school to being full of questions about life, also thanks to her mother who had started studying Naturopathy. In the midst of this existential crisis and just 2 years after my arrival in Italy we meet the Access Bars™ "by chance” at a holistic fair;

And the life of the young woman now who knows she can create anything she wants and is creating it how she chooses, when she chooses, with whom she chooses, etc.

Throughout this journey and evolution I must admit that the Access Consciousness tools have made a lot, indeed all the difference.

In fact, even though I always knew that anything was possible and that I could be successful and rich or whatever I wanted, I couldn't really see it represented around me. Difficulties were the order of the day, especially financial ones which shaped us in interesting ways.

Initially, I was certain that by advancing academically, I would achieve my dreams and become successful. Then, as I grew up, I realized that that idea didn't exactly reflect reality. Most university students didn't get to have what I dreamed of. And, therefore, I realized that A + B (i.e. Commitment + School) does not always equal C (success and happiness).

That's when I started to seriously ask myself questions. If the most traveled path gave no certainties at all, I might as well discover and create MY path.

Of course, this reasoning was not immediate. Indeed, it was the result of several years of suffering and dissatisfaction. Years in which I felt wrong because everyone seemed to have already understood their path. Years in which I judged myself for not being able to live the typical life ofhigh school, university, master's degree, internship, work, home, marriage, children, retirement, etc”.
Years in which I was always the strange girl in class 5G: quite mature, interested in energy, introspection, personal growth, a friend more to the teachers than to my classmates and look, look at the girl who didn't watch TV (This then left many at school completely dismayed)

On the other hand, in all this erroneousness, in recent years, many new interesting innovations and realities have emerged. I realized that the only way to be successful was to be happy. The point was that there weren't many happy people around me to take inspiration from.

In search of what made me happy I tried everything, various retreats, techniques, people who chose alternative or different things from the usual. I have to say that they were fine for a while, but then they left me dissatisfied and I would switch off and go my own way.

Maybe you would ask yourself why all this unhappiness in a young girl? Why couldn't he just be happy? Eeeh maybe this is a story for another article, but it has to do with entities... whose existence I knew nothing about... in fact I thought I was going crazy until the Talking with Entities™ tools crossed my path again in 2015.

Halfway through this article I told you that I discovered Access Consciousness™ in 2009. So why all the difficulty I have encountered in my life? All that bang and bang? Eh, good question!

I didn't immediately appreciate the ease and to tell the truth, until I took the Foundation class in 2015 I couldn't fully understand how and if these tools could truly accompany me in the creation of my life.
Sure, I was fascinated by them, I knew they worked in some mysterious way, that many had wonderful results, but in a way for my little head it was like trying to fit a circle into a square and vice versa... they just didn't fit.

Well, in 2015 I got tired of this gray area and this limbo which had amplified with the end of high school.
What should I have done in life?
Which path to take?
What did I like to do?
What could I always do without getting bored or tired?

Since it was not yet clear to me, I undertook the studies of Naturopathy, I did various jobs in catering and hospitality, jobs that I created as if by magic. What I did as long as I enjoyed it or there was something that didn't fit. Particularly in my last job and which I initially loved.. I was repeatedly asked a question by the employer “What do you want to do after this internship?”
By hammering this question every month, I seriously began to ask myself that question too. And... right after the end of the internship, I launched into the simultaneous translation of the Access Consciousness™ classes into Italian.

And so it was that from the beginning of 2017 I began to travel, to surround myself with proactive people, to be constantly inspired by people who were very successful financially, but who above all were happy.

I realized that this was what made me happy. That this is what I could do continuously without ever getting tired.
And it is from there that I began to assiduously use the Access Consciousness™ tools to create my life based on what I discovered as I gradually loved, appreciated.

In these 5 years, from 2017 to today, my life has been a continuous explosion of growth, joy, exploration, awareness and creation of the life that I always knew could exist, but which is finally taking shape.

Our life is truly a masterpiece. It is up to us, however, to choose the colors for our canvas or the materials of our sculpture. It's up to us to clearly discover what we like and what we don't. It's up to us to explore its shape and see which one we prefer over the others.
It's a creation, not a pre-packaged box that we have to fit.

As a result of my exploration, I have been a full-time Access Consciousness™ and Speaking with Entities™ Facilitator for 2 years now. I recently lived in Bologna after several years of adventures in various cities and I always travel to hold my classes and meet fabulous people.

I am lucky and I also recognize that I have created an extraordinary relationship with my partner Angelo, a person who presented himself in 2019 only after having clarified what I really wanted in a relationship.

For 3 years we have been traveling continuously and using the Access Consciousness™ tools in our daily lives and to make our relationship ever greater.
One of our constants? Always stay in the question and create, create, create to have fun, change and improve ourselves every day!

How can it get even better than this?

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5 thoughts on “L’Inizio della mia storia”

  1. Very happy and super proud to be your mother, wonderful. I'm so excited to see you fly with your wings, higher and higher! How can it get even better than this? 🙂

    1. I am immensely grateful for your support, loving care and countless paths you have opened for me!
      Thanks thanks thanks!

  2. I am happy and grateful to have met you and I know that the case does not exist.
    Offer ideas every day to improve and create a different life, the one that each of us really wants.
    You are a great contribution to all of us.
    Thank you very much♥

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