Are spirits real? I was one of those people who didn't really believe it. Growing up in a fairly religious family, this topic wasn't discussed much. 

More than anything, there was a veil of mystery and fear towards the invisible.

What is hidden there?

It's dangerous?

What happens to those who venture there?

So, rather than run into hypothetical cases of possession or who knows what else, we followed the church's line. We just didn't talk about it...chapter closed.

Yet as something to which one has even a vague resistance, this topic sprouted like mushrooms after the rain.

Once, I remember very well that my grandmother told me about an encounter with a demon that was bothering my grandfather and that she was able to ward off with the use of the sign of the cross.

That story made an impression on me. It opened Pandora's box for me into a world I knew practically nothing about. Knowing that it existed, that one could interact with it and above all that it was possible to get the better of spirits like that really fascinated me... and terrified me at the same time.

I said to myself: “Wow, I also want to have the ability that my grandmother has!” 

No sooner said than done! 😂

The funny thing with the spirit world (with everything really) is that as soon as you say yes to something, it comes with all its baggage: wonderful, scary and above all immense.

I began to have insistent thoughts that I called "black, dark thoughts", I feared for my loved ones, I was always apprehensive, I was always on the alert that something might happen to them. And above all I judged myself, I thought I was bad for having these thoughts... but I couldn't do anything about it. They always continued.

The worst thing was that I felt like I couldn't talk about it openly. The only point of reference for me was to talk about it in a confession to the priest and for a while the thoughts stopped. For 1 year.

The following year they started again. And I was back to square one. I was at the mercy of what was going through my head. Yet they were not constant, they appeared suddenly. So I began to realize that perhaps these were not simply my thoughts. In a certain way I realized that there could be more, even if they had the same voice as me.

The bad thing about all this is that they placed a blanket of darkness over everything I experienced. Maybe I was even having a good experience and suddenly these thoughts appeared that weighed me down immensely. I couldn't explain what they were and what was happening to me. 

These were the years of my adolescence. Despite this considerable burden, life went on. I excelled in school. I was settling into Italy (I had recently moved with my parents to Rome) and making new friends. 

Rome, in fact, was precisely the center of the beginning of these symptoms. Before I set foot there in 2002 I don't remember ever having them. A case?! I would not say! 

I don't think the crowd of entities and spirits present in Rome exists anywhere else in the world. What better place to push yourself to perceive the invisible, would you say? So lucky! (I'm saying it now... at the time I didn't know which way to turn) 

All those presences were going to my head xD

Despite the intense perception of entity, the discomfort and suffering due to it, none of this interfered with the normal course of my life. In fact, I wasn't behaving strangely. I had full control of my life and my actions. From the outside, no one could imagine what I was experiencing.

If I had known they were spirits from the beginning, I would certainly have saved myself a lot of trouble. But who is there to tell you and educate you about this? And how many are truly able to do this without any aura of mystery or strangeness, structure or judgment? 

Luckily for me, after going to a good exorcist without any results xD, I was able to wait for the answer to my insistent questions: “Was I going crazy?” “Were those voices really mine?” “Would I ever be able to get rid of it or would it be like this for life?” This is how in those years I learned about Access Consciousness, the method that I now facilitate and teach to others. And shortly after I also discovered Parlare con le Entità / Talk to the Entities, which is a specialty of Access and which looks like: it's about spirits and ghosts!  

The gratitude I have for this method cannot be described. You can't understand the relief at that new information. It seemed he had written down everything I had experienced up to then. And not only that, it also offered information, questions and tools to manage all of this.

So, in short, what was I suffering from?! xD Apparently acute symptoms of entity perception!

I don't mean to imply that everyone who hears voices is simply aware of spirits. What I want to invite you to do is start asking yourself questions about it to find out what really is behind these symptoms.

I realize it seems strange, but personally for the first time in a long time I was able, thanks to the facilitation questions I had learned, to stop the voices, to find myself again and finally to have peace. That constant and annoying chatter could have been easily managed with 3 questions. What??? Only 3? 😮 

In fact, I discovered that much of the activity with entities could be handled by facilitating the spirits and ghosts to make a different choice through questions. And once it was done and they went away, everything, including my body and mind, became lighter.

Then choosing to organize these classes for different facilitators and participate in them, piece by piece the world of terror in which I had lived until recently was gradually becoming colored with magic and colours. It's incredible how being aware of something and managing it totally transforms a person's life.

Most of my perceptions were filtered by fear. It's a bit like when you have blue glasses and consequently see everything blue. Well, I saw everything through the lenses of fear, terror and fright. No wonder all this changed once I took those lenses off. For the first time, in fact, I allowed myself to see freely.

It's been a journey ever since! Over time I strengthened my awareness of the world of entities and came to experience true magic. I went from “wanting to silence those voices” to receiving the wonderful gift that is being aware of this whole world.

In the realm of the invisible there is in fact so much: from ghosts, to demons, to nature spirits, to beings of light, to teammates. 

And what you can create with it is immense: from facilitating, cleaning and communicating to receiving and collaborating.

Being educated about this world that is omnipresent (and not remote to who knows where) and having the tools to manage it has made my life phenomenal and magical. 

Not everyone has the same experience with entities. My experience isn't necessarily similar to that of others. In fact, over the years I have heard some truly fascinating stories from all over the world. Stories of people who discover that they are aware and perceptive of entities in the most bizarre ways (starting from mental, emotional and even physical symptoms)

What would it be like to discover your unique way of perceiving them?

For 3 years now I have become a teacher of the Talk to the Entities method and I bring these fantastic tools that have made my life wonderful throughout Italy and the world.

What would it be like if the spirit world were made normal and approachable?

How much more awareness and ease would be possible if we removed the veil of mystery and ignorance from them?

And how many more people would be able to realize that they are not freaking out, that they are simply aware? 

What a gift would it be to be aware of this?

I invite you to discover it together!

On this site I offer you various resources and proposals regarding the method I facilitate!

Check out my upcoming events!

2 thoughts on “La mia storia con le Entità”

  1. Lucia Bodocco

    Bianca, thank you for sharing your exciting life story because we find so many pieces of ourselves in it. YOU and Access are a great resource, I'm grateful to have met you.

    1. Bianca Luana Chirnoaga

      Lucia❤️ thank you for these kind words! I'm so happy these tools help you and make your life better and better💫 How can it be even better than this?

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