Written by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga, Access Consciousness™ CF

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The Foundation is a 4-day advanced Access Consciousness™ class.

The Foundation is an intensive seminar in which through the Access Consciousness™ method, its verbal tools, questions and profound facilitations you have the ability and space to dissect and change practically every aspect of the life of each of the participants.

Many define it as a deep cleansing of the limitations under which we live, most of the time without even realizing it. So many of the things or areas of our lives that don't work or are blocked are because we aren't present and aware of the choices that got us there in the first place.

Being awake is not enough to be aware.

Being mindful means being present and involved with everything around us where there is no judgment about it and not even a limitation.

In fact, awareness is the central focus of the Access Consciousness™ Foundation.

If we were fully aware of everything we live, choose, are and do, there would no longer be any problem.

Where have you created a problem in your life?

What is required to change it and choose something else?

The purpose of the Access Consciousness™ Foundation is to provide you with the pragmatic tools with which to become increasingly aware in your life and with which to change the aspects that do not satisfy you fully or at all.

It's like destroying the foundations of an old house that you inherited and which doesn't represent you, to build, right from the foundations, your own home that satisfies you, gives you pleasure and is totally tailored to your tastes.

The Access Consciousness™ Foundation is totally based on open questions, so that you can access your knowledge, discover what you know about each topic.

The class itself is an exploration within yourself alongside the tools to bring light where there was previously darkness, to bring clarity where there was previously confusion, to bring choice where you thought you didn't have it.

These 4 days of class are profoundly transformative.

Advanced Foundation class topics cover areas such as:

  • Relations;
  • Money;
  • Body;
  • Creation;
  • Polarity
  • Awareness

Just to name a few!

Each participant receives a manual full of questions and verbal processes created specifically to get to the core of the unawareness with which we have created the limitation we are currently experiencing.

All in a fun and relaxed context. 

It is only the serious things and the things that we are not willing to laugh about that limit us the most because we have made them true and real and therefore, we have cut off our awareness of them.

What do you think is impossible to change in your life that is impossible simply because you think it is? Do you have a thing or two like that in mind?

In addition to verbal facilitation, participants in the Access Consciousness™ Foundation will learn over the course of the 4 days 3 energetic body treatments that they can use firstly for themselves and secondly to offer as treatments in their practice as professionals.

So who is the Access Consciousness™ Foundation aimed at?

To anyone who is at a standstill in their life.

To anyone who is confused or dissatisfied with their life.

To anyone who simply wants more from their life.

To anyone who wants more ease and joy in their life.

To you who read!

The Access Consciousness™ Foundation class is even aimed at children and teenagers. In fact, for them the class is half the price for teenagers and free for children under 15.

I personally came to this truly magical class at the age of 20. At the time I didn't know exactly what it was, let alone what it was about. I only knew from direct experience that thanks to the Foundation I would be able to change everything in my life as if by magic.

During and immediately after the class I gained clarity on the relationship I was in at the time and was able to make a choice about it after years of confusion. I immediately found a job that I liked, since I didn't work before.

I became more serene and happy and since then, choice after choice, I have created my life as a work of art, a work in which every single color and every single brushstroke has been consciously chosen and that's why it works.

Also for this reason I chose to facilitate and teach the Access Consciousness™ Foundation class. 

Every time I facilitate this class I see the changes it creates in people's world and I couldn't be more grateful and happy.

I didn't think it was possible to change so much in just 4 days, until I experienced it.

How can it get better than this?

Will you let it be that easy for you?

Will you honor yourself by giving yourself 4 days just for you and your life?

Will you give yourself 4 days to finally change what you've always wanted to change?

Then with great pleasure you are invited to one of my upcoming Access Consciousness™ Foundation classes.

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