by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga; written by Azhavur De Prà

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As we were saying, one of Access Consciousness™'s most used and handy tools is the question.

There are already so many available to us, created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer and other Access Consciousness™ facilitators, but we can make so many more that work even better for us; That's the beauty of questions!
They can be endless, varied and unique, and we can create questions to create the reality we want!

The question already in itself creates awareness and formulating it alone – that is, creating it by searching within oneself for the right words for us at that given moment – creates even more awareness, more presence, more proactiveness and everything starts to work in a different way.

But why do we ask ourselves questions? And who do we address them to?

The reason why asking a question is not to find the answer, but to gain awareness (also because if we already had the answer, what reason would there be for asking the question?).

Attention! If we already had an answer to a question we just asked, it would come from the mind. And if the mind worked to solve these things, we would have already unraveled all the knots in our life.

The answer, therefore, blocks the energy of the question, limits it and limits the infinite possibilities that the question itself creates.

The secret is to remain completely open, like children.

Can you imagine a child who says to himself "What is this? Ah! Okay. I already know the answer, but I'll ask my mom anyway...”…?! It doesn't quite work like that.
With total curiosity and light-heartedness, children ask the adults questions and this is what allows them to have new information.

So for us. And they don't necessarily have to be asked aloud because the questions we ask are not asked to ourselves or to others, but to an energy.

Words have their own energy and every question we ask brings that energy to the surface. So when we ask a question, we tap into the energy of that specific question, and everything starts working in order for us to have the experience we're asking for.

Questions open up the space for things to show up in a more improbable and unusual and unfamiliar way in your life.
With them we open up to our knowledge, to our perception, to our receiving so many riches and infinite possibilities.

The space for the question allows this and much more.

Questions have incredible power, to the point of seeming magical but basically we are the ones "magical” and questions are the tool that allows us to access that magic, in an easier way. And it all comes with ease, joy and glory!

So let's open ourselves to amazement and wonder! Let's open ourselves up for something greater, and grander still, to show, being totally grateful for what we've already created and shown!

And what would it be like if everything in life came with ease, joy and glory?

What questions can we be to create life as we want it to be?

And how can it be even better than that?

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