by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga; written by Azhavur De Prà

[reading time 3′ approx.]

“I have more and more expenses and less and less money comes in! It's not right! Grrrrr!”

“The rich are selfish and stingy. They just thirst for power!”

"If I don't have a lot of money then it means I'm a good person"

Is money spiritual?

The society we were born and raised in made us feel (and some still feel it) wrong if we admit that we wish we had more money.

Especially growing up next to people in economic difficulty who have not wanted, or have not been able to change their condition.

Also, who is without money and would like to have some (even if he denies it) will automatically tend to make those who have it wrong.

Better to be right in poverty than to be wrong in wealth!

Mmmmm… Not very zen, actually… POD and POC

I'll tell you a secret. Money is neither right nor wrong, and it doesn't make us any better or worse. Money is a means, a tool.

What we do with it is up to us. Not by the amount of money we have.

Would you ever say a knife is wrong? Or that makes you a bad person?

The knife is a tool and its use depends on the person holding it.

In the hands of gang members it will hurt, or worse…

In the hands of a mother, on the other hand, it is used to peel fruit; in the hands of a chef, to prepare tasty dishes.

I will tell you more. Money is energy and enhances who we are.

If we are stingy, with money we will turn into so many poor Scrooges.

If we are generous, we will need a lot of money to be even more generous.

If we are able to do a lot of big things.

And if we are aware, with the money we can continue and improve in our awareness and, if requested, help others to achieve it.

So money makes what we already are exponential.

Nothing different. Just us but bigger.

Having money coincides with knowing how to receive, and to learn how to receive in Access Consciousness™ we have a fantastic tool: the Bars (but to talk about this, I refer you to another article).

We need to re-learn to receive because we are always being told to give, give, give… as if giving without receiving increases our worth.

What if we could give even more, allowing ourselves to receive at the same time?

No element in nature gives without receiving: in order to bear fruit, a plant needs to receive water and sun.

But even a car needs fuel. And an uninhabited house that no longer receives care and no longer enjoys the energy of its inhabitants, becomes impoverished and slowly dies, as if withered…

The fact that we have made money into something other than energy has distanced us from money itself and from the infinite possibilities we could have with money.

Money is a means to create even bigger, it is a support to our creation.

What would it be like if spirituality had to do with giving and receiving contribution and, in this, we also included money?

What could we create and what could we contribute that will invite money right away?

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