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Who is Bianca Luana Chirnoaga?

My name is Bianca Luana Chirnoaga and I am a professional in the field of personal growth. Since adolescence I have been searching for methods and philosophies that improve the quality of my life and support me to be the best version of me. Therefore everything I propose and teach to others is the result of my personal experience first of all and of my benefits found.

For over 10 years I have been studying and putting into practice the Access Consciousness™ tools in my daily life, which I later chose to teach throughout Italy and abroad.  

What are Access Bars?

One of the ways people come to know Access Consciousness is the Access Bars™ energy treatment.

Access Bars™ are 32 specific points on the head which, when gently touched by the operator's fingers, release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions, blocks, limitations and traumas that a person has sometimes been carrying around for a lifetime.

It is not new, in fact, that every thought or emotion we experience has an electrical and electromagnetic component. With Access Bars™ you have the ability to dissipate it, taking away their charge and creating serenity, relaxation, peace and much more in the person's world.

To explain more simply what happens while receiving the Access Bars™ treatment we can take a computer as an example.

In fact, our mind can easily be compared to a computer. Record data, experiences, programs and memories.

The only difference is that, when a computer has too much data, bugs and viruses and as a result it becomes malfunctioning and slow, we know to proceed with a defragmentation, but not before we have chosen which data to save.

Why shouldn't it work like this with our mind too? In fact, with the Access Bars™ the person receiving the treatment relaxes and allows everything that is no longer functional and relevant to him to be dissipated.

As a result, both the computer and our mind are able to have more space, work better and are ready to record new experiences.

Following the Access Bars™ treatment, in fact, the person feels relaxed, regenerated and proactive. 

And no, memories don't disappear, simply the experiences that used to make us suffer no longer have an emotional load. Everything is even perceived as if a story were being told that no longer concerns us.

What are the benefits of Access Bars™?

Here are some of the benefits you can get with Access Bars™:

  • Deep relaxation;
  • Improved sleep quality;
  • Proactiveness and sense of possibility in everyday life
  • Gives support in case of sadness, depression and anxiety
  • Regulates hyperactivity in both children and adults
  • It supports in case of physical and emotional addictions
  • Create harmony in relationships
  • Improve the relationship you have with your body
  • Gives mental clarity
  • Eliminate stress and repetitive or obsessive thoughts
  • Helps with post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • It supports the body in restarting the self-healing mechanism
  • Gives relief in case of trauma

And numerous other benefits.

How are they received?

The Access Bars™ treatment is only received in presence. All that is needed is for the person to lie down fully clothed comfortably on a couch.

The operator proceeds by gradually touching the sequence of Access Bars™ points on the head.

It is the person receiving the treatment who chooses whether to talk or relax during the treatment. And it is always she who guides the session and chooses what to let go. All this very often happens without an upstream cognitive process. You don't need to be vigilant or dig inside for the treatment to work. Even those who fall asleep during the session experience the same benefits, sometimes even better than others.

Basically following Access Bars™ sessions people begin to be more self-aware in their daily lives and increase their ability to receive.

What are the points of Access Bars?

As mentioned there are 32 Access Bars points on our head, 16 on one side and the same 16 on the other. Here are some points/areas you will be able to work on in an Access Bars session: Joy, Sadness, Body, Creativity, Control, Kindness, Peace, Gratitude, Awareness, Money and many more.

How many sessions of Access Bars should they be done?

The number of Access Bars sessions required varies widely based on the person's receptivity and willingness to change the dynamic date. That being said it can take anywhere from one session up to several.

I have had experience as a practitioner of people who completely changed the dynamic for which they came in one session, and others instead for which it took 10.

That said, I personally choose to have an Access Bars™ session at least once a week, not so much for a particular problem as to increase my mental clarity, awareness and creativity. It's like a spa for the mind and a cure-all for general well-being.

There is no limit to how often you can receive Access Bars™. I usually recommend at least once a week to start a journey with the person. However I have seen beautiful results even my personal getting a session days in a row.

It's very subjective. It is always the person together with the operator who chooses the frequency of Access Bars™ treatments.

How long does an Access Bars treatment last?

The average length of an Access Bars™ session is 60 or 90 minutes.

That said, its duration can even be lengthened or shortened as needed as needed.

Even just 30 minutes of Access Bars™ can really be a panacea. 

As far as children are concerned, however, a session can easily last even just 20 or 30 minutes. 

How come?

Simply because children are less mentally structured and are more willing to give up what bothers them.


Who created the Access Bars

The Access Bars™ were channeled by Gary M. Douglas, international speaker, best-selling author and business innovator, over 30 years ago in the United States.

In the early 2000s, Gary Douglas was joined by Dr. Dain Heer, a well-known chiropractor, who helped make the treatment internationally known.

Since their origin and so far, Access Bars™ have spread like wildfire in over 170 countries around the world. 

The Access Bars are part of Access Consciousness™ which is a set of tools and methodologies designed to enhance and facilitate people's lives.

Access Consciousness™ has been present in Italy since 2007 and is widespread throughout the country.

How do you learn Access Bars™?

The Access Bars™ treatment is learned over the course of a training day. The participant is assisted by the trainer – Access Bars™ Facilitator in learning all the points by donating and receiving the treatment 2 times.

In addition to the course manual, you will also receive 2 cards that will make it easier for the participant to learn and follow the sequence of Access Bars points more easily.

The training day is divided into two parts: the theoretical part, where the Access Consciousness™ methodology is explored and the use of open questions as a central facilitation tool both for oneself and for others, to then continue with the practical part which consists, precisely, in carrying out and receiving the treatment.

At the end of the training day you will receive a Certificate of Training proving your qualification as an Access Bars™ Practitioner.

Following the training day, the participant will be able to both offer the treatment to family and friends, as well as actually start their own business with Access Bars™ and add them to the services they offer.

Who teaches Access Bars?

Access Bars™ training and refresher courses are offered exclusively by Access Bars™ Certified Facilitators.

The list of certified trainers can be consulted on the official Access Consciousness website: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/facilitators/

I have personally taught Access Bars since 2011 and have trained hundreds of operators in Italy and abroad.

How to become an Access Bars Operator?

To become an Access Bars™ Practitioner you need to attend only one Access Bars™ training class with an Access Bars™ Certified Facilitator.

There are continuous training events throughout Italy and abroad.

Can you self-treat with the Bars? 

While it is at least partially possible to self-treat, I highly recommend getting the Access Bars™ treatment from another person as it is 1000 times more effective. 

There are tons of operators throughout Italy that you will be put in contact with once you have attended a class.

Other times, it often happens that those who participate in the course also invite a friend or family member so that they can exchange treatments more consistently. 

Who can receive the Access Bars treatment?

Access Bars™ are a treatment suitable for everyone: both adults and children. There are no contraindications, nor special precautions to take before receiving the treatment.

Where you can get an Access Bars treatment™?

You can easily receive the Access Bars™ treatment throughout Italy and abroad. 

Personally I offer treatments in my office in Bologna and sometimes in other cities based on my off-site events.

You can book a session directly here on the website: https://biancachirnoaga.it/product/sessione-access-bars/

My next events

Are you interested in learning the treatment and becoming a fully-fledged Access Bars™ Certified Practitioner?

Below you can find all my Access Bars™ courses around Italy: https://biancachirnoaga.it/eventi/

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There are scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of Access Bars™?

Absolutely yes! Below you will find 2 videos with Italian subtitles that scientifically talk about the functioning and the benefits found with the Access Bars™.

* put subtitles in Italian!
* put subtitles in Italian!

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  1. If you still don't quite understand what bars are, enjoy reading this article!!
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  2. Well done Bianca! You have written just about everything we are asked about the Bars very clearly and completely.
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