The foundation

This is the first advanced Access Consciousness class since Access Bars! But what do we talk about during the Foundation? We talk about all the hottest topics in our lives and they change like magic with Access Consciousness tools!

Villa Magica, from 25th to 28th July from 10.00am at 6.00 pm

Communicate with the Entities

During this magnificent Specialty Class of the method "Talking with the Entities” we will facilitate and talk in more detail about the aspect of communication with the Entities!

Online on Zoom, July 29th from 8pm at 10.00 pm

Money and Entity 👻

Did you know that entities can help you immensely in creating a lot of money? They can make you find them, get people to give them to you, and many other wacky ways! We will talk about it specifically during this Specialty Class of the method "Talking with the Entities

Online on Zoom, August 2nd from 8pm at 10.00 pm

Bars Exchange

Bar exchange, bodywork and facelift for operators! The cost includes organisation, space and snacks with refreshing drinks!

Live at Villa Magica, on August 4th from 3pm at 7.00 pm

Free Introduction

Let's talk about the Speaking with Entities method and why this method literally changed my life. Registration required to participate!

Online on Zoom, August 6th at 8pm

Access Bars class

The Access Bars are 32 points located on the head that when lightly touched can create a space of tranquility and lightness that makes you "let go" of many things that you would otherwise keep to yourself and that do not contribute to you. This class will make you a Certified Access Bars Operator!

Live at Villa Magica, on August 10th from 10.00 at 6.00 pm

Foundation Class

The Foundation Class is the first advanced class after the Access Bars. This class which lasts 3.5 days is able to rebuild the foundations of your life by touching on many key topics such as money, relationships, abundance, lightness and much more!

Live at Villa Magica, on August 2nd from 8pm at 10.00 pm

Talking with the Entities

How would it be to recognize that about the 95% of the things that exist, our 5 senses fail to grasp?

Would you like to explore the invisible and at the same time have powerful, simple and elegant tools to interact with energies, ghosts, entities and the invisible?

Pavia, from 20 to 22 September

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