by Bianca Chirnoaga – with the participation of Rosy; written by Azhavur De Prà

[reading time 3′ approx.]

From the dictionary: “To ask = To ask to have or obtain something”.

If a dictionary in Access Consciousness version existed "To ask" would mean "To give input to the CREATION of something".

This new way of asking questions is a bit like learning to open a door and keep it open, trusting that what you ask will come.

It is knowing that, at a certain point, the requested gift will arrive from that door, which one even forgets to have opened.

It is to remain in the wonder of children when they listen to a fairy tale.

We ask the questions and the Universe will then answer – with the awareness that we are co-creators. [ed]

When we make choices, when we ask questions, we are an active part of creating our life. We create and change exactly what we want, when and how we want.

What would our life be like if we allowed ourselves to ask questions?

And what would it be like to have ease in making them and creating everything like magic?

Personally, when I understood the mechanism, I based my life on questions. In particular, in the last 3 years there has been an explosion of creation: the questions made sure that everything I asked for was revealed.

I created and create the life I want. I recognize my creation and the questions behind it.

All of our life, of all of us, was created and is created starting from an a priori question which in turn creates a different possibility (even before Access Consciousness).

It has happened and it always happens, even if you are not aware of it.

What would it be like to recognize that before every change and every choice, there is always a question?

When you start from a conclusion it's like walking with blinkers: you can see and you can only get to a certain point, with no choice. And what we have concluded is what we create (because we always create! Even when we don't realize it).

If we think that things are external to us and therefore we cannot change them, we are already starting from a conclusion. And we create what we have concluded.

But I assure you that it is our way of interacting with that particular thing that allows us to change that dynamic, and not vice versa.

As Gary Douglas says: it is your point of view that creates reality; it is not reality that creates your point of view.

As children we knew many more things: anything was possible. While as adults magic and the power to change things seem impossible.

What would it be like to recover and put into action that power we had as children and that we simply pretend we don't have?

With questions it is possible to live up to this and beyond.

Choosing the question that creates, instead of the conclusion, creates much bigger.

The creative abilities – which we had as children – we have not lost, they are just hidden within us.

What would it be like to use our abilities?

And if we used all our abilities, how would our life change?

1 thought on “Essere la Domanda che Crea!”

  1. thank you Bianca, for the beautiful article and for the endless ideas.
    as always very cool and interesting ideas ♥
    what would it be like to regain the energy and lightness we had as children?

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