Written by Bianca L. Chirnoaga

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“Allowance” literally means “to allow it to be”.

Note: it does not mean accepting or welcoming something against your will and it does not mean making something go well with you.

It's being present with a dynamic and letting it go as it came.

It is the absolute space of presence. That doesn't distract you. It doesn't lead you astray. It makes you be.

The concept of allowance is very present in Access Consciousness™, starting from the Access Bars™ class but is often not explored in depth even in the more advanced classes.

Yet it is the space of power and peace par excellence. Where you have full ability to change anything and are not at the mercy of anything.

Would you be willing to BE this with all areas of your life?

What does being in ALLOWANCE allow?

Change and profoundly transform your relationship with money, your body, relationships and everything you previously resisted and reacted to. As a result, things that you previously struggled to change or were unable to change for years can now magically change if you choose.

Would you allow yourself to change everything you want to change in just 3 sessions?

Together you can create this with ease!

These sessions are indescribably powerful.

Uncomfortable, intense and totally transformative.

What possibility for change can you offer yourself with these sessions?

If you could really change things, would you really change them?

If yes, then you are invited to secure one of the 20 available places!

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