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by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga; written by Azhavur De Prà

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How many times have we gotten what we wanted by making the topic serious? – that it is the solution to a problem; economic serenity or a joyful relationship with someone..

And by "making it serious" I mean loading it with expectations, judgments and conclusions.


What would it be like to choose every 10 seconds of our life to be the creators of our own reality and happiness?

Being self-responsible stops us from blaming anyone or anything for our shortcomings and failures, and at the same time gives us back the power to change that situation.

Or at least to change the way we feel about that particular thing.

What would it be like to welcome every "problem", receiving it as an incentive to improve our lives more and more?

What would it take for every crisis to become the beginning of a success?

We are used to thinking that there is only one reality: the one we are experiencing or that we hear from other people; we are usually led to believe that reality is mostly made up of difficulties, misfortunes, troubles and that whoever is not in the same shabby boat is either kissed by luck, or a scoundrel.

So what is it that creates reality?

Reality is created by our viewpoints and the people who align themselves with them.

So if I have a point of view and my neighbor has the same point of view, we have our own reality by which we live; and it is not said that it is the truth of what is, but it is what we perceive to be real.

And what is real has laws, stakes, limits, conclusions and whether they are written or not doesn't matter: they exist because we make them real.

So how do we get out of it, if we create our reality with our points of view?

Meanwhile, we can recognize that we have a point of view and dispel it with the sentence: “Interesting point of view that I have this point of view!” and then ask us questions.

All the problems we have in life are wherever we have weakened ourselves, where we have concluded something, where we have defined and judged something as it was or as it was not.

Thanks to these tools we have a way to train our awareness and at the same time recognize what we know and take back our power.

From the moment we begin to observe, from a wider inner space, how we have defined our reality and what our points of view are, and at the same time what those of other people are, we realize that there are people who have different viewpoints than ours, regarding the same topic as us, and who consequently experience different realities.

One of these topics, for example, is money, but we will develop this in another article.

Regardless of the topic or issue, if instead of sticking to our own points of view (whether positive or negative) we ask questions, new possibilities will start to present themselves and when one of these presents itself and it expands us in some way – as for example by giving rise in us a: “Wow! What is it here for me that excites me?“; “What is there for me that I might recognize?” – even if rationally we have no idea what it could be, nor how it could be presented or functioned, that “Wow!” is our compass.

If others have been able to create a different reality that attracts us, Wow! It's time to change our points of view, to let go of judgments and conclusions and to set in motion the magic we have inside to create the reality we would like, by formulating questions.

When we meet, physically or virtually, people who live a reality that we too would like to experience, let us be inspired by them and ask ourselves how they managed to reach that kind of reality.

As for creating anything new in our world, we don't have to know mentally what that thing will create or how it will play out, or how it will be possible to achieve it.

We can simply ask, and with the question we pave the way for creation.

What would it take?

What could I choose to have this and more in my life?

What can I create now that will also make me what I want?

What possibility is here for me, that is knocking on my door and getting me excited and expanding?

Let's be inspired by people who have what we want, certainly not by those who say it's not possible to have it!

What inspiration could we have and what inspiration could we use to create the reality we really want?

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