by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga, written by Azhavur De Prà.

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What is the most used Access Consciousness™ tool of all?

Let's talk about the question and today I would like to start introducing you to what can be created and achieved thanks to it.

Access Consciousness™ tools empower us to recognize what we know and have always known; to take our lives in hand, ceasing to consider ourselves victims of circumstances and to think that we cannot change anything or that we have to submit to those that others choose for us.

Thanks to these tools, we can finally create the work of art that we have always wanted our life to be and the question is the fastest and most handy tool we have.

How many times have we learned something new without a question? Never! There has always been the question, even if unconscious, which opened the possibility for something new to show itself: a new experience, a new meeting, the beginning of something different...

One of the key questions that I asked and which allowed me to take an important step in my life, such as moving to Italy, was a question I asked my parents: “Ok, what can we do? Should I come to Italy or are you going back to Romania?” and so a space was created for which they replied: “There is this possibility, what do we choose? We choose for you to come to Italy" and that's where I realized that it has always been a question that opens up a different possibility.

The question therefore allows us to create the necessary space so that we can go beyond what we think is possible. It allows us to open our minds and wander into unexplored places.

What is the difference between following your thoughts and asking questions?

When we are in the vortex of thoughts, unless we are totally present, we are at their mercy rather than in control. We are in fact led to travel into the past, making considerations after considerations, and into the future, reaching conclusions that block us.

The question, however, brings us back to the present moment.

For example, a simple question like “Who am I being now?” interrupts mental and uncontrolled chatter, allowing us to be present with the energy of who we are in that moment, creating peace and silence. When we ask a question, therefore, the mind stops distracting us.

What would it be like if we used our mind to our advantage?

The mind is always busy thinking, planning things, giving answers, or simply concluding something based on a previous experience; the question instead opens space for awareness, allowing us to recognize what we are experiencing and, if we don't like it, to improve it by choosing something else.

With questions, therefore, rather than being dragged by the mind wherever it goes or whatever it perceives, we put ourselves in command of our lives. Our knowledge ahead with the mind following.

Studies have been done on how it works and basically the mind records all the experiences lived and then uses them in order not to repeat mistakes. So every time we start a new experience or are faced with a change, the mind, not knowing how to predict the future or function in an unknown situation, tells us not to go to that place or not have that experience and so fear and anxiety.

But fear and anxiety are not synonymous with certainty of danger. Indeed, if something amuses you or expands you (I will explain this last concept in another article), if it gives you joy, creates fun and makes you exclaim a nice "Wow!” inside you, then follow your instinct, which is also your knowledge.

Let's not give the mind tasks that it can't do!

Let's use it instead to support us in our new adventures.

Our knowledge is that feeling in the belly that is much stronger than the mind; it guides us into new circumstances, to get closer to the things we really want to create and really desire.

By relying on our knowledge and thanks to questions, we can navigate new possibilities and make them work great.

An anecdote tells that Einstein declared that before making an important discovery, he spent much of his time finding the right question to ask: once he found the question, the solution came immediately!

Nothing new has therefore ever been shown without there being a question previously, it is no coincidence that the question is a key tool of Access Consciousness™.

What would it be like to recognize the capabilities of our mind and simply use it for what it can do?

And what would it be like if we really could change everything with one question?

2 thoughts on “Come sarebbe cambiare tutto con una Domanda?”

  1. It's an honor for me to write for you and I'm so happy with how this makes me feel in a state of joy! I'm experiencing what it means to be on allowance and it's wonderful! Thank you dear, for this opportunity to create together <3 💖
    And how can it be better than that? ;-* 😘

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