by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga; written by Azhavur De Prà

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Today's question is perhaps the most used question in Access Consciousness™. But what's so special about this question?
We usually live our daily lives on autopilot, remaining in the usual flow of distracting thoughts and believing we have to solve problems.

When we are like this, something usually happens to us – as long as something happens without us creating it (and this could be the topic of another article) – …but let's suppose that something happens to us and it is something that disturbs us, that ruins the present moment or
even the whole day.

At this point, we find ourselves in a situation of contraction, of closure; we are lost in thought and maybe we are even angry. What to do?
Let's stop, breathe and, suspending judgment, simply take note of the situation. We therefore formulate the question “How can it get better than this?” from a purposeful space, with a sincere and total curiosity to really discover how it could be better than the situation that presented itself. And this is where we open ourselves up for something different to show itself.

How can it get better than this?"It gives us a sense of lightness, of expansion, as if the sky, initially cloudy, opened up to become serene..."How can it get better than this?” and immediately not only does our perception of the situation change but the next moment and the entire day change for the better.

When we give the input for something new to show itself, then something different shows itself: something bigger, more joyful or that makes us function differently, more empowering. When initially approaching this question, the fear may arise that, if we are
experiencing a negative situation, asking “How can it get better than this?” we can go and amplify that discomfort (a bit like Jupiter in an astral chart)… In reality when we ask “How can it get better than this?” we are opening the space for things to work better, for something better to show up for us. Of course, if you enjoy wallowing in problems, the risk that others will arise to solve is real.

But if we sincerely want to create something else and are ready to change any situation, then “How can it get better than this?” will open us to positive, nourishing, enriching experiences and without even having to wait days or months for the moment to change. “How can it get better than this?", rediscovering that total curiosity and light-heartedness of when we were children and asked questions, opens our mind which puts itself aside - recognizing that it is not its task to answer the question (do you remember what
I said in the first article about questions?
) – and our knowledge is activated and so are our perceptions, which broaden, to truly discover how it can be better than this.

And since it can be even better than that, the question “How can it get better than this?” can also work when something extraordinary comes along or something that we really like and have been waiting a long time for to happen. In short, it works even when something beautiful shows itself in our life! If we just cheered, we would stop the energy. Of course, it's cool when we experience something beautiful! And we are immensely grateful for what has presented itself to us... and then?

Let's not stop the energy! Let's not stop and exclaim: “Wow! Is fantastic!" stop. We ask even more, because there is no shortage of abundance and energy in the universe! We are simply the ones who have this point of view. So, when we are exclaiming “Wonderful! I'm so happy..." let's continue with "How can it get better than this?" And "How can it get even better than this?
In this way we open ourselves so that, in addition to what we have just experienced, something new shows itself further, whatever it may be, micro or macro..."How can it get better than this?

And in this way we learn more to open up and receive something even greater. I therefore invite you to ask this question, even if you already know it, and I invite you to ask it with total presence, amazement and playfulness. Without necessarily starting from a problem, whether something bad happens or something extraordinarily beautiful happens: “How can it be better than this?” and see what changes.

What it would be like to open yourself up for something grander to show itself, in totality
gratitude for what we have already created?

And how can it be even better than that?

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  1. This question is part of me now, I use it very often too. I felt very relaxed reading this article. Extraordinary! Thank you so much. How can it get even better than this? :D

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