Written by Bianca Luana Chirnoaga, Access Consciousness™ CF

One of the essential ingredients for things to work in your life is ask.

Before of knowing the Access Consciousness™ methodology and tools, I had seen my ability to ask decrease considerably, almost completely.

At one point during my adolescence I even felt guilty because I thought I was burdening my parents with my needs.

The crazy thing about all this is that my family is not poor at all. She isn't even rich, but she has never lacked food or basic resources. Yet the older I got, the more I began to feel like a burden somehow. 

How come? What had happened?

If you are born as a child and ask loudly for everything and everything without thinking twice, this ability gradually diminishes. 

I remember, in fact, that since my parents gave me so many gifts and, despite this, I never had enough of them, around the age of 11 I already started to do the math in their pockets and stop asking for what I wanted.

You might say: “ah what a polite little girl!!! How good!! How mature!!

All compliments that were addressed to me and which, obviously, I loved receiving. However, they were also indicating, now realizing in hindsight, that I wasn't asking anymore!

In other words, I tried very hard not to disturb. I therefore waited passively for others to give me what they wanted and could. 

This mechanism can work as long as you are in the bosom of the family, because parents still satisfy your needs and requirements.but once you're out on your own? You're screwed!

In fact, no longer knowing how to ask and starting to work towards the age of 20, I was exploited greatly: by colleagues, by employers, by everyone... in short, I only took what they gave me and nothing more... And then, outside the walls of work, complaining that I was never given enough and that I was being exploited.

Most people, once out of the house, continue to live as if they never had to ask and, in fact, wait a long time for it to simply be given to them, either because they don't want to disturb or because it seems bad to them. For some it even becomes a matter of principle: "He should be able to give me the right amount independently without me asking him!"

 My question is “How can someone know how to give you something if you don't ask for it?” “And why would he give it to you if you don't ask or if you don't insist?” And last but not least…if you want or need something, what is more important: your principle? or your need?

The result of this mechanism is that we live in a world full of frustrated, stressed, complaining and angry people. 

The naked truth is that in life if you don't ask, nothing is given to you. And as bad as it may seem, it's for the best. We must learn to ask! And don't always stay with the hope that maybe one day it will be given to us.

As crazy as it sounds, the hardest part of my job is teaching people to ask again. We don't know how to do it anymore. However, for those who know how, the world is an oasis and a paradise.

And, by asking, I mean asking everything: you, the universe, people, energy, nature... Everything. 

Would you be willing to recognize how much your asking contributes to the world? And recognize that it doesn't deprive others of resources? Indeed, does it create a virtuous circle that also stimulates them to ask and receive more?

Asking makes what you ask for available in the world for others too; it makes others want to receive more so that they can give to you and give you what you ask for. 

Once you are willing to ask, another necessary thing is to get clear with what you want. This is because, together with not asking, we no longer even know what we want, we no longer have desires. We therefore end up being satisfied with the crumbs that are given to us and which very often, unfortunately, are also mouldy.

Be clear and ask... on the other side there will always be someone or something willing to offer you what you ask for. ALWAYS

Do you want to learn how to ask?

Want to train your asking muscle?

Do you want to dismantle everything that prevents you from having ease with asking?

If so I invite you to “Ask and you shall receive“! A 20-day journey that will start on March 1, 2024!

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