Who is Bianca?



Born in 1994 in post-communist Romania, I grew up in a family full of love which soon had to separate for economic reasons.



I currently live in Bologna after years of moving. I happily carry the tools that have enabled me to create the life of my dreams everywhere.



Since 2007 my life has changed completely with the move to Italy. A new world to explore but above all a world to create my own place.



The future is always a constant creation that changes with every choice I make. However, I feel his energy: full of ease, joy and exuberance of life.

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Access Consciousness™

Access Consciousness™ is the methodology that I personally use and with which I help people recognize their knowledge and easily create the change they want in their lives.

The extraordinary nature of this methodology lies precisely in its pragmatism and ease of use and use at every moment of every day: whether it's in traffic, at work, with the family, while at the gym.

Things change like magic if I allow myself to ask questions and be a walking question.

I ask questions

Whenever things don't go as I would like or I know they could be better, I start asking myself open questions.

Questions like “How can it be even better than this?” And "What else is possible here?” they make my life sparkling.

I choose!

I allow myself to always choose something different.

Being present asking me questions makes me choose what would really make my life more joyful and effective, allowing me to be more serene, happy and with a lot of time to dedicate to the quality of my life.

The Access Bars™

It is an energy treatment that works by gently touching 32 specific points on the head. This allows for the release of thoughts, emotions, trauma, stress and anxiety.

As a result you have more clarity, you are more present, proactive and aware. It's like doing a defragmentation of obsolete files in your mind.

Receiving the Bars at least once a week allows me to have ease and clarity in everything I do and in all areas of my life.

My participants

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